SDiff results won't group

Hi all,

Is there any reason why an SDiff won’t group when baked? All objects are created when baked and the other 5 group, but this one stays on it’s lonesome.

I’ve tried forcing a group (as shown) rather than just relying on the bake grouping and get the same result.

I also tried moving it 0,0,0 to see if another function in between would fix it, but the same result.



Hi Adrian - It’s impossible to tell for sure just from that picture, but I would guess that the geometry is just on a different branch. You could try flattening the input to the Group component. If that doesn’t do it, please post a minimal Grasshopper definition with required Rhino geometry internalized.

Flattening worked perfectly, thanks @wim, it is evident I have a bit more reading to do to find out what those settings are about.