Sdgltf exporter

I was trying to export geometry to glb via sdgltfExporter. It works fine. However, I can’t get smooth shading and custom material at the same time.
If I choose normals=yes, I can get smooth shading, but I can’t change material.
If I chooese normals=no, I can only get flat shading, but I can change material
How to get smooth shading and material that can be changed? What export parameters to choose?

Here is the example with glb exported in different ways:

I will start testing this today and report if I can reproduce the problem you’re having.

Hi Mathieu,
Thanks for reply. In the meanwhile I found solution. In order to get smooth shading, appart from option “normals=yes” it should be also set “materials=no” . In that case it works and it is possible to change materials.