SD Geometry import component does not import points

I need to be able to upload geometry using the geometry import component, as either .dxf or .obj.
The component pulls over all geometry in the referenced file except points.
What does come over for the points are the x,y,z coordinates.

The component documentation states that points are recognised, it seems very long winded to have to separate the coordinates for every point from the cad entities and reconstruct every point.

Any ideas on why points are not imported as points?

Could you provide an example model uploaded on ShapeDiver, as well as an example obj or dxf file that can be used to reproduce the issue? Could you also explain what you mean by this:

How do these x,y,z coordinates “come over” to the online model exactly?

Here’s a link to the Shapediver definition, I will post the .3dm file tomorrow when back in the office.
The SD geometry import brings in the geometry lines/cutves/arcs but if I plug in a panel, the points are listed as their x,y,z coordinates and don’t import as points.

Problem solved, the arc sections in the CAD were creating points, I’ve used text match to strip out the arc sections before feeding into a point component.