Sculptor looking for rhino modeller

I am looking for a rhino modeller to make a digital model of a sculpture in the near future. It is for a public art project proposal. I would then like to create a movie walkthrough effect if possible.
You can email me

what city are you in/near?

I am in Ireland

I’ve tried twice to reply to the email in the original post and have gotten a return email from

He disavows any knowledge of needing a sculpture so lets not have everyone bugging him. Funny thing is that a period is being added to the address each time. What is up with that?

Still interested though.

What do you mean by this? My (or your :wink: ) English is failing here.


Hi Willem,

I just got a third reply from Cathal. Something odd is happening with the email having a period added when clicking the link here in the original post.

9:55 AM (3 minutes ago)

to me
Don’t worry about it, this guy messes up his email all the time.

I don’t know why email is doing that I have it in correctly can I call you?


I just emailed you to what seems to be the correct address without the extra period that seems to be getting added when replying to your link here in the original post.

I don’t know why a period would get added automatically, but FYI, periods are ignored in gmail addresses - so you can add as many as you want, and they are all the same address.

Apparently the other guy Cathal gets emails for our Cathal here all the time. Maybe he is a Doppelganger?

Jody, a Gmail address with or without the dot is the same. I emailed the address above and got a reply saying “Sorry, wrong Cathal.”

Cathal’s just posted to say that it is the correct email address, so it looks like some kind of scam.

Yeah, their gmail address would be set to cathal.mccarthy. So when you email cathalmccarthy, the reply would come back as cathal.mccarthy.

Why would this be happening with my email address?

@Murren That would make sense, but Jody seemed to be saying the link itself added the period when sending the email…

@Cathal Apparently that is not your email address. Post a screencap of your logged in gmail account that shows the address?


Just heard from the other guy and he gets your stuff all the time. The period and Gmail don't play nice.

@gregb, not here. It pulls up the gmail address without the dot as shown.

@jodyc111, I seriously doubt there’s any issue with gmail. If that is the correct address then it would go to the same address with or without the dot. I have several gmail accounts and have never had an issue.

First time poster and this doesn’t add up. So I don’t recommend providing any personal information.

This is not a scam. I already have replied to two people via email.

Hello! - Cathal:
I am Carl Vilbrandt, MFA - a Masters of Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute. (SFAI).

As an undergraduate at the Chicago Art Institute I became an apprentice in the laboratory of the conservation of objects of art and begin my studies as 1st and foremost an artist, 2nd a scientist, and 3rd an engineer. This set my path of interest and work for the rest of my life.

My first position after graduation from SFIA was as a Mfg. research aerospace engineer at Rohr Ind. Among other research projects successfully completed was the R&D and production of the molds, tooling and production procedures inclusive of the flame spraying metal coatings at Rohr Riverside and delivered on schedule and under budget the lower composite panels for the nacelle systems of 747 aircraft.

My last position of note was as founder and director of a computer science lab in Japan. Always 1st and foremost an artist, 2nd an applied scientist, and 3rd an engineer.

A link to short Vitae:

Please see my portfolio link below.
A portfolio with only10% of older works of art… and and just a few engineering works with some digital works of art at the bottom.

The newest model/sculpture using only Rhino with no advanced software such as SymVol ( to be added)…

Thanks in advance
best regards
carl and jody vilbrandt

Hi Carl

Thanks for that, what great work you are doing.
I found someone to do the model work for me and am ok for now.

I will keep your details and if I have some work in the future I will let you know.

Best regards