Scrolling in panels


when a content of a panel is smaller than the panel, there is the scrollbar.
Also we can scroll by mouse wheel.

This doesn’t work correct:

With the mouse wheel we can’t reach end or beginning.
The scrollbar arrows don’t work then either.
Only the scrollbar thumb works then to reach the end/beginning.

I see this on 125% DPI setting.


I have seen this too.


In the today’s WIP, I tried again.

No change in the View panel.

I have found that the Properties panel is not better.
It doesn’t react on the mouse wheel at all.
The scrollbar’s arrows move the panel content pixel by pixel.

The Layer panel behaves ok so far.

All the above is the same in V5, V6 should be better, or?


Same effect is in the options as well:

It is scrolled by wheel, and now this is missing:

Hi Charles, thanks, I see this too.


RH-38515 is fixed in the latest WIP