Scripty Successfully Uploaded, never finishes loading

Hello All,

I have been building 2D heavy scripts on ShapeDiver and have successfully deployed a few:

So far I have learned:

Human Interface Design Line-weights tools do not function.

ShapeDiver display is my best friend.


Here is a link to the script that is currently not functioning as expected:

It loads infinitely despite being built on the same logic of other scripts that have run just fine on Shapediver. A few additions: the use of pufferfish components and a more complex script.



Not clear in the documentation, but I reuploaded a simplified version to do my testing and got an error first around shapediver denying groups (it works fine in rhino but doesn’t work with shapediver output) and then after fixing that the number of components per output component was limited.

working now!

Make sure to flatten the trees that go to the ShapeDiver Display components in order to limit the number of parts per component, which is limited once you upload your definition. Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

Hello! Working on the same script in which at first the number of parts per component did seem to be the issue. After solving for this and getting the script to work once, I am getting an issue where it is only showing a small portion of the total lines. Functions great locally and shapediver does seem to be doing all the calculations on the backend but only a small portion ended up being visible in the portal.

Any guidance here?

Could you share a link to your model?

Hello Alexander,

No problem:

These two scripts accomplish almost identical things locally and both upload well to shapediver but one only shows a odd section of the model:

Functioning as expected:

Displaying Odd result: ShapeDiver

Thanks for the quick follow up!

I am not sure what did it, but it may have been recreating and relinking everything relating to the upload component but I am all good now. Thank you for taking the time to look,


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