Scripts in GH file slow down development


I’m currently working on a GH file for a client and made a small change to one of the C# scripts such that it doesn’t unneccesarily use up computation time under certain conditions. When trying to upload the new file to check if everything still works I get a message saying my file will need to be checked before approving. This slows down my workflow and development. Especially since I’m uploading it on the clients’ account and I don’t have access to his e-mail address which means I don’t get an e-mail with a confirmation to approve the file. It’s quite cumbersome.

Is there any work around for this?

The scripts need to be validated manually for security reasons as they could potentially tamper with the ShapeDiver servers, more here. However, each script is checked only once so the next upload will be without waiting. You can check the model status even without access to the email inbox. Give it an hour or two and then try opening it from the PENDING MODELS tab in the accounts dashboard and see if it has been approved.

To speed up your workflow, replace the script functions with the native Grasshopper components or if possible use one of the supported plugins.

Thanks for your replu Pavol, is there a way to turn off those e-mail to make sure I don’t fill up my clients’ inbox with them?

No, there is not at the moment but I add this feature request to our backlog.