Scripting workshop leading by McNeel at AECtech + Barcelona

Hi All!

Following the request to post and share the content we prepared for the workshop we held during AECtech+ Barcelona. In this workshop, @fraguada and I (@pedrocortes) showed the new features available in the updated script editor and emphasized its consistency across different environments (Windows-Mac, Rhino-Grasshopper).

After a short introduction about how extending the Rhino capabilities has evolved in the last years (macros, RhinoScript, RhinoPython, Rhinocommon,…) we define some examples in Python where the students could reference and use new CPython libraries in Rhino (numpy and scikit-learn).

You will also find a C# --based script to automate the printing of different Rhino files and how to create and publish plugins. In the last part, we discussed how you can use Guthub actions to automate the distribution when any changes are merged into the main branch.

Feel free to reach out if you require further guidance on any of the features discussed.


@pedrocortes - Thanks for sharing this content. Is there a presentation or a video recording to follow along?

No, the workshop was not recorded, sorry