Scripting Sub Curve

I am new to python and Rhino so please bear with me.

I am trying to write a script that extends a section of the edge of a mesh in a defined direction.

Without a script I can achieve this by: extracting mesh edges, trimming the resulting curve, copying and moving the curve to where I want it, creating a mesh between the two curves and then joining the meshes together.

So Far I have been able to create the outline in python however I would like to then trim this curve at a user defined position in a similar way to what the “Sub curve” tool does.

It does not seem like there is an “rs.SubCurve” command. Is there another way to do this?

I have seen that I could use “rs.Command(”_SubCrv")" however then I have to select the curve first and I dont know how to get the GUID of the resulting curve to continue the rest of the script.
I would rather the user just have to select the start and end points of the curve if this is possible.


Hi Wattzie,

It reminds me of this recent topic; maybe it helps:

Maybe it is of help.

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Thanks for the help Willem,

I managed to stumble my way through this. For anyone searching for something similar here is what I came up with:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino
import math

#load GUID of Mesh
Model=rs.GetObject('Select Mesh',32)

#Create outline of mesh

#Trim Curve using command line
rs.Command("_SubCrv " + "selid " + str(Outline[0]))

#Get curve GUID

#Get offset
dy=rs.GetReal("Please enter the horizontal displacement in mm",35,1,100)
dz=rs.GetReal("Please enter the angle offset in degrees",5,-30,30)

#copy and move curve to point

#Create surface between curves
surfParam=(curve1,curve2) #Create turple

#Mesh surface using command line
rs.Command("_Mesh " + "selid " + str(surfExtention) + " _enter ")

#Get mesh GUID

#weld all meshes
rs.Command("_weld " +"selall " +" _enter " + " _enter ")

#Join meshes

#delete surface and curves

For now this does what I want however if anyone can help me improve this code it would be greatly appreciated.

There are two main things that I would like to improve. Firstly I don’t know how to select more than one object in the command line so I have to select all the objects to weld them (“selall”). This could be problematic if I have some meshes that I do not want to weld.

Additionally, the _Mesh command brings up a dialog box that I have to press enter to remove. Is there a way to script this?

Thanks for the help