Scripting newb question

I’m finally getting around to setting up my custom toolbar with the functions I use most often. I would like to set the default state of the “PushPull” command to “ThroughPoint” without having to select it every time I run the command. What would the script look like? I know “!_PushPull _ThoughPoint” doesn’t work. I assume there are some scripting toggles that allow for that. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

You would need to add a pause to give you a chance to pick the face. I don’t see a “ThroughPoint” option. Are you sure you’re not mixing up a couple commands?

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My mistake. I meant for Inset, not PushPull.

Hi @rhettro1

I believe it’s technically not a script in the way that you’re explaining, but a Macro.

This should work:

!_Inset _Pause _T

(It will also work if you already have a face selected)

Hope this helps!


Great, thank you.

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You’ll want a space after the “!”



Ah, forgot about the space. Thanks for the save, Pascal.

Also, @rhettro1 the Macro help page has a lot of good info:

Rhinoceros Help - Rhino scripting | Rhino 3-D modeling (

Very helpful, thank you.