Scripting mesh pipe

I would like to use GhPython to mesh pipe some curves but am having difficulty getting the command to work. With rhinocommon, there should be a CreateFromCurvePipe method, but it is missing from the autocomplete tab.

And with the GhPythonLib equivalent, there is a space between “mesh” and “pipe” which causes an error.

Any ideas?

The CreateFromCurvePipe method is in Rhino 6’s rhinocommon. Are you using Rhino 6?

I see. I recently got a Rhino 6 license but have not installed it for fear of technical difficulties. Does this mean that if I share the script with someone else in the office who does not have Rhino 6, the script won’t work?

Indeed it will only work for R6. It will still load in R5 but it will tell the R5 user that it cannot find that method when they go to use the component.

If you need a mesh pipe for R5, Mesh Tools has it:

I have the Mesh Tools components already. For my purposes, I am trying to keep the mesh piping in the python node. Do you have any ideas on how to get the GhPythonLib version of mesh pipe to work?

I do not. I’m not very familiar with Python. I’m using C# myself.

There is node-in-code which I have never used but it might do the trick of staying inside one single ghpython node.