Scripting is not duplicating surface border

Hello everyone,

This are some lines of the script I am developing right now. The problem is that after the script ends, it is not duplicating the surface border. however it does not show any error at the moment of running it. It seems that APC variable is not storing the squished object.

APC = Rhino.command(“Squish _SplitSeams=Yes _PreserveBoundary=No _Deformation=Free _Material=Rigid _Outside=Up _Decorate=No ENTER”, False)
Dim AC100, AC200, AC300, AC400, AC500, ACPC
Call Rhino.selectobject(APC)
AC100 = Rhino.DuplicateSurfaceBorder(APC, 1)

Rhino.Command does not return anything - only a True or False value indicating if the command was executed successfully without an error.

To get any objects produced by running a Rhino.Command(), use objs=Rhino.LastCreatedObjects() just after the Rhino.Command() line. If any objects were created, they will be returned there.