Scripting FixedLengthCrvEdit Command in GH

Hi All,
Has anyone had any luck with scripting Rhino’s FixedLengthCurveEdit command in Grasshopper without using rs.command. I can’t find anything in the SDK about it.

I have been able to mathematical create arcs by length in GH to use the bend component, but it would be great to have FixedLengthCrvEdit to work with the flow component.

I have been looking at this blog but did not see any clues as yet…


You mean something like this:
Matt (20.4 KB)

Thanks Mahdiyar,

I was wondering if Kangaroo might be the answer. I have had a little play with it and it seems to lose some of its length as its distorted unlike the Rhino command. Would be great to get a better tolerance between the 2 curves. A simple option would be extend smooth with either a positive of negative input.

Need to finish another project deadline today, but will post my finding using other types of Polyline creation (ToPoly Component, Control Polygon etc) and output curve creation (InterpolateCrv, Nurbs etc) later.

Can anyone at McNeel shead some light on the maths/ workflow behind this command please? or add it to the SDK.

Cheers Matt