Scripting Brazil Materials

Does Brazil(or I guess it’s the RDK?) have enough RhinoScript support that I could script the following: I have a bunch of 3D clipart in OBJ or other format, which imports with the textures mapped to a basic Rhino material, and I want to “convert” those Basic materials into BAMs.

@johnc, can you assist?


Take a look at this page:

Right down the bottom there is ChangeContent - that should do it for you. You will just need to know the UUID of a BAM - which you will find from the details section of a BAM material.

There is also a hidden command - RenderChangeMaterial - works much the same way.

  • Andy

The UUID for the BAM type is D0893922-D6DD-4241-AC51-1CEA1D1F43A1