Scripting and Macros examples in the documentation

Scripting and Macros examples are useful in the documentation.
I’m making a button for importing mesh from an external UV editor.
But I wish to interact with the _Import command and I do not know where to look in the documentation.
It looks like is missing the Rhino buttons command section.
If i hit in the rhino web page, “learn” I go to tutorials:
And at that point, I get lost looking for a command macro section for programing simple buttons.
Looks like missing the command line macros

How to Import using a custom command macro button?

Here is the result of what I was looking for.
Button to import always the same object.

! -_Import

This macro is useful in my case because I’m exporting the mesh to RizomUV and back in a fat way after applying some UV mapping modifications.

Where I can find all the other options like MapYtoZ=Yes for OBJ in the documentation?

I think this kind of scripting command button example can help in the documentation here:

As is done for example for FBX scripting as a side note (should call it macro?):|File%20Formats|_____24

In PHP documentation, users can place a code example close to the command and others can upvote them.

Perhaps of some help:

For creating macros of Rhino commands always start by running the -dash version of the command to see the command line options.

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In documentation the “-” and what you can do with it was not clear or well explained for my English level (it’s my third language).

OK, as a feedback:
How do I navigate in the web site from Learn ( to there and back?

To Web Master or Developer:

For example If I’m at:

I cant go back to

Also for:

These are supposed to be browsed through the top navigation page:

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But how do a new user go from
to there?

It’s a good question… I think that not all the Wiki pages are considered to be “official documentation” thus they are perhaps hesitant to link to it… dunno for sure. Those two I cited above were written by me.

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