ScriptEditor reload options

What is the difference between? @eirannejad

  • Reload Python 3 Engine
  • Reset Python 3 Runtime

@Petras_Vestartas I thought we had tooltips on these command but I did not

  • Resetting/reloading Engine basically reloads all the already imported modules in a live Rhino session. It is useful for people who are working on a python module in the editor, and testing it at the same time. Usually a module is imported once in a python runtime and any source changes will affected the already loaded module

  • Resetting Runtime makes it so when you open rhino again, it would setup the python runtimes from scratch. This is great if lots of python packages are installed and there are conflicts happening. It’s basically a fresh start with python 3.

I just added tooltips:

Also made the prompt be a pop-up dialog to make it clear Rhino restart is needed when “Resetting Runtime”


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Thanks, for editable install, should I use the Reload one?

If you are making changes to a local python module, and want the changes to be reflected, then Yes try Reload (or add flag: python.reloadEngine somewhere at the top of your scripts). This goes thru imported modules and calls reload on them.

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Thank you.

Is there any update for the conda environment installation?
This would be such a big helper…

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Not at the moment. That’s going to be a big feature to develop and needs lots of testing