Scripted GumballReset on multiple objects?

I have a script that makes puzzle pieces from a Picture object and then mixes them up by rotating them randomly and changing their location. What I noticed is after splitting the Picture with the curves and running the rotations/displacements, that the Gumball orientation on each split part has also followed the object transformation - it’s no longer World or CPlane aligned, nor is it actually centered on the piece.

I want to run GumballReset on all the pieces inside the script that makes the pieces. Trying to reset them all together doesn’t work, is running a loop, selecting each piece and running rs.Command ("GumballReset") the only way to do this?

Edit - it actually doesn’t even work that way… Hmmm. :confused:
Edit 2 - OK, figured it out, had to first reset the gumball on the unsplit picture object before splitting. But would still be good to know if this is possible any other way.

Hi Mitch - what if you set the gumby to World and back again? Checking… Nope.


Well, it is working as I programmed it, I just have to individually select the objects in a loop and run rs.Command("_ResetGumball") on each. Was just wondering if that is the only way.