`scriptcontext` not working in VSCode

You cannot directly use Rhino libraries outside of Rhino. You’ll have to use Rhino Inside Python (and have a valid Rhino license). You will not be able to create a standalone script that uses Rhino geometry kernel. This is why Dale asks about Rhino Inside Python in his reply AddPageView has no effect - #13 by dale

At most you can use the Python module rhino3dm to create files with Python in a standalone script. This module allows you to read and write 3dm files. But you don’t have access to the geometry kernel, nor any of the plug-in functionality (like pdf import/export).

Here Python examples of standalone scripts using rhino3dm that you can do from VSCode: rhino-developer-samples/rhino3dm/py at 8 · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub . You will find that you can create a document, add geometry, but not do for instance boolean operation through rhino3dm, or use functionality that is provided by plug-ins (see the Tools > Options > Plug-ins list in Rhino).