Scriptable NamedSelections Issue

I’m running into an issue with the scriptable version of NamedSelections when trying to create a new selection for objects on reference layers.

Use worksession to attach a model to the current model
Run NamedSelections interactively
Select an object on a reference layer from the attached model
Create a new NamedSelection

All works as expected. Now, select an object on a reference layer and run the scriptable command

-NamedSelections Save

It reports no objects selected.

What I am trying to do is write a command script (not RhinoScript, etc.) where I can take an object on a reference layer (that I have access to in the script early on) and be able to select it later in the script. I can’t set its object name since it is on a reference layer but would like to be able to add it to a named selection set for later selection in the script.

Thanks, Larry

Hi @LarryL

I see this bug as well. Thanks for the report. We’ll get it fixed so that your script will work.

Thanks Travis!

@LarryL you’re welcome! I was able to get this patched up today and provided that it passes testing you should see it ship out with 7.9.