Script to recompute another open document

Hi! I’ve been working on a rather complex GH definition for working with ArchiCAD. By now, I’m experiencing frequent crashes when changing inputs from ArchiCAD.
I’ve realized that the stability is significantly improved when using the Data Input/Output components and running the tool in two separate files:
1st serves as the user interface (with Human UI) for selecting ArchiCAD inputs and changing settings and sends it to a second file through data output.
2nd file runs the calculations on the inputs and returns a result to 1st file.
back in the 1st file i send the outputs to ArchiCAD.
However, to do this, I have to switch to the second file whenever inputs change to recompute. Is there a way, if I have 2 gh files open to trigger a background gh file to recompute and update the data input/output. Having to switch between the files every time somewhat defeats the purpose of a user friendly interface.

Hi, there might be some ways to do that using some GH plugins. I couldn’t find a workflow or example that does exactly what you are after elegantly.
I would however start with trying to use clusters. Put your calculation code as a cluster inside the HumanUI file and see if this is stable.
Another option is to implement your calculation in a script (faster and more stable, perhaps).

Maybe have a look at speckle:

I haven’t yet tried it myself, looking to implement it at a later date in one of my current projects though.

This conversation might have some ideas for you as well: