Script to check if objects are a circles

I would like to have a script that checks to see if an object is a circle. I can check each one individually in the properties tab, but need to be able to check 20-100 at a time. Sometimes during a “Make 2D” operation some will be created as circles and some will not.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

The script below will select all circles in the document… Maybe that can help?


SelCircles.rvb (615 Bytes)

Hi Mitch,
I want to thank you for you awesome scripts the sel tolerance works great but not on circles with different orientations in the same spot,
Is there any way your select circle script can be tuned to select similar circles that are in the same xyz location with the same radius but have different orientations?
Ideally sel dup should select these but because of orientation nothing selects them or using your script it selects both circles in the same spot.
It would be great to get a script that selects similar circles leaving one remaining, in some cases I have several circles on top of each other but no way to select them, outside of doing it manually. In this case it doesn’t matter about the orientation of the circles since they are all planar and I just want to get rid of the duplicates leaving one circle in place of several.

Thanks for your help in the past,

Hi Roland.

Check this one. (2.4 KB)
It has an option to select only the overlapping circle duplicates (circles on top of each) - and leaving only one, or check for the circles with the same radii scattered around the working space. It would take into account circles in parallel planes, regardless of the plane’s axes orientations.

Thanks djordje works perfectly. I need to get all dups because my cutter will not cut if curves are duplicated in the same spot like these circles so I end up wasting stock if I don’t weed them out first.
Thanks this is a great help to me.