Script for Serial dimensioning

for the needs of serial (or running) dimensioning, I’ve been using for quite some time now a small script built for this purpose that generates leaders based on a collection of linear dimensions. I have used it for several projects, and it has slowly developed.

Today, I decided to iron out the script into a presentable form, and offer it for use and further development for anyone who might need it. I packaged it into a neat little cluster.

The script works with straight aligned dimensions, as well as dimensions following an arc, or curve.
If values are clustered too tightly, there is an option to spread the cluster more evenly, so that all values are visible. Ususally for this, I construct a separate annotation style with aligned and text frame added.

Possibility to change side and order.

Works with different alignments.

As well as with non-linear distribution.

I have this added to several other dimension scripts, so this has been a really useful tool. Hopefully you’ll find it useful, and feel free to improve it further.

Aid_Serial (38.1 KB)


This is cool! how about the length of the vertical curve? is this possible? I am looking for baking the vertical length distance rather than the horizontal? thanks.

Hi @sketzjewel
could you provide a file as a sample?

Hi Toni, l don’t have the file but the idea is, when you look onto the image above, imagine the light blue vertical curves or lines comes with random lengths and l would like to get length value of each curve or line and then bake the way it shown on the image, l hope it make sense, thanks.

Sorry, no. Does not compute.

So you want the curve length? Of non-linear curve?