Script Compiler Second Beta


I have compiled my scripts and am now making a rui file, however the command “_Surface_Vectors_V5” cannot be found yet it is here in the compiler and every other file works so why not this one, is it a coincidence it is the last file in the list, I have no idea.

I have checked everything I can think of and drawn a blank.

All help appreciated


CompilerA.pdf (145.4 KB)

Hi Roger, i`d suggest to add a startup message containing a version number so you can see if the most recent compiled plugin is loaded or a just remnant of the last compile. It happened to me that i added features to a plugin and then i was not able to use them until reinstalling the plugin through the plugin manager

Another route would be to search for a copy of your plugin on the hdd which gets loaded instead of your last compiled one. This can happen if you install it using a *.rhi file and the plugin is copied somewhere in your user folder.

does that help ?



Many thanks for the suggestions I will try them all as soon as I get a chance.