Script Bookshelf Maker - problems

Hello! There was a problem with the script Bookshelf Maker.
Based on this video, (, I learned that the script is able to manipulate the model and create subsequent cutting parts - here’s the link to part 2 of the script (http:/ / ( Unfortunately, the script stops after the team model without further cutting. Since I recently started working and studying Rhino, I can not understand the reasons for such behavior of the script. The author, though laid out in the first part of free access, (, what about the second question remains. The author not communicate, and the script is dated 2011 year. Did anyone ever encountered this wonderful script, and the ways of its settings. I learned that the failure or error in the script can be associated with the language in which it was written - (Italian), and the version of Rhino. However, the change of several versions of the program did not produce results. I would be most grateful for the explanation of such a concern.

Hmm- the script is a little messy, even by my standards - I’ll see if I can tune it up. Also, I’m moving this conversation to the Scripting forum, here:


Thank you very much! I look forward to the result. Although it has found a
counterpart - the program Autodesk 123D Maker. However, I have been
studying Rhino and continue to work on yourself =)

See if this one works for you- I did not end up using the original script at all, I just wrote a new one, it seemed simpler to start over. I think it does about the same thing… let me know… (1.6 KB)

To use the script, extract and save the .rvb file from the attached zip archive, then drag and drop the saved rvb over an open Rhino V4 or v5 window. This will load the script, set it up to load on startup in the future and register the alias


that will run the script much like a regular command. An alias can be typed or added to a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (F-key).

You are prompted for an object to cut up, and the number of cells and thickness, and then for the orientation of the grid (default is CPlane).


Thank you! It`s great stuff for me=)