Script based on a changing polyline (list with variable item count)


I’m using a fairly repetitive script to build a structure along a line. As I want each segment of the polyline to display differently, I end up doing a lot of copy paste. My script worked fine, until I realized it doesn’t work at all when I change the segment count.

when I remove the last segment this happens… :cry:

I guess it has to do with all the ‘‘list item’’ i used… How could I re-write this script more efficiently without losing the ability to parameter each section independently AND use polylines of varying segment count? (240.7 KB)
Structure.3dm (53.8 KB)

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i have tried some thing
u can have a look into it (48.7 KB)

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way better! However I still have the same problem, when changing for a 2 segment polyline for instance, it doesn’t work. How should I work with the number of data in the panels when changing the source polyline?

Thanks so much!

u try to graft the polylines
so it should work