Screenshots not saved correctly using Firefox


I found a problem when using the api.scene.getScreenshot() function to save a screenshot of the viewer.

In Firefox (v.73.0.1 for OSX) the image gets the bottom left quarter of the viewer and stretches it to the actual resolution: for example if the viewer is 640x480 pixels in size, the output image takes the bottom left 320x240px part and scales it by 200%.

The same behavior occurs regardless of the models, for example also on the first API example, using the console (I put the demo here:

Both Chrome and Safari work correctly. I’m using the most recent API version (2.19.3).

Am I missing something? Is there a solution or a workaround for making it work?

Thanks in advance


Just following up to check whether this is known bug or there already a solution/workaround.

Any thought?


We could not reproduce the issue yet. Can you also let us know which version of OSX and which device you are using? Are you experiencing the problem on several devices?

Thanks for checking this, Mathieu. I’ll test this on different machines, and operating systems and I’ll let you know.