Screen settings

how do you change the color settings of the coordinate mesh back to its default setting?

Hi Bertil- these are set in Options > Appearance >Colors > Major and Minor grid lines. You can push RestoreDefaults to reset all colors, or set major to: RGB 129, 134, 140 and minor to RGB 147, 153, 160


hello pascal, the background color was accidentially changed and it wont
change back to the default, even with the default button. The color is this
washed out blue that was included in a setting that was prompted by an
accidental command line input…

The background is specific to the display style, go to Tools/Options/View/Display, pick a display style and choose either “use application settings” or specify a color.

Thanks but it’s the background color that is weirdly blue in spite of the fact that the Background color setting is set to Grey. The color doesn’t change even when I try to choose another color and save it. The setting come from a command on the command line.

Hi Bip- type in GradientView and Enter… does that clear it?


Yes, it did, thank you.