Sci Fi stone wall effect

Hello My name is Aala

I am trying to make this irregular stone texture on a 3D geometry. What is the best tool to use. I have looked into panelling, but it gives a more of complete squares or shapes. Which I do not want.

any suggestions?

That’s an interesting effect. It’s reminiscent of work done by @laurent_delrieu but I don’t think you will find something exactly like the image. I think that has been done manually.

Have a look through this post and perhaps this might give you some inspiration. I think by searching here you might be able to better describe what that texture is and then try to mimic it. Laurent has applied textures to mesh surfaces so perhaps you can learn something in principle about how this might be done and then try and get the look that you want.

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Welcome Aala,

Something similar could be achieved with the Substrate component. (7.8 KB)

Oh my, the irony of trying to reproduce something that a deep-learning model has regurgitated! :sweat_smile: :rofl:


haha, this could be the future of the future of art!

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How do we know you’re for real?

Sadly, on a commercial basis, this IS the future of art.

I guess I’ve demonstrated more than once here that I’m a flawed human. :wink:

Maybe you’re just pretending to be flawed…I recently read a column where it was stated our greatest fear is not AI that passes the Turing test but one that willfully fails it.

Thank you very mush, I am up to it

The example you provided is very helpful. I am new grasshopper and computation but I have a project idea that will benefit from both sci fi art created by AI and computation