"Schoolkit" individual Edu licenses into Cloud Zoo?

Hi there,

One of our client institutions has a schoolkit of Edu licenses, and they started to install them into the Cloud Zoo (no team, just the administrator). Now, with the normal Zoo (local, server-based) and V5, this was not even possible/allowed… However, they were actually able to install and validate at least two of the licenses in the Cloud Zoo!

So, is the installation of individual V6 Edu licenses now allowed with the Cloud Zoo? Or is something wrong here and this should not work?

Now, they did tell me that they couldn’t install the licenses in a “team” in the Cloud Zoo, and finally it looks like what they really need is a lab license, not individual licenses (they didn’t ask me when they ordered). But can you clarify what is going on here? I was surprised when the guy called me on the phone and asked me about installing the individual Edu licenses in the cloud zoo, I told him it wasn’t possible, then he said “But I already did it!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Individual EDU licenses can be added into the user’s “personal” licenses in Cloud Zoo but not added to Cloud Zoo Teams.

There is no similar “personal” licenses feature in the LAN Zoo.

Is that the question?

Yes, but why would it be allowed to add more than one?

That’s probably a bug.
I’ll see if I can reproduce that.

Thanks, this bug is logged as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-44319