Schemes in Mac Rhino V8?

Are different schemes possible in Mac Rhino V8?

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there don’t seem to be so, no. Since I have never used schemes myself, could you indicate what features schemes provide that cannot be achieved for example using OptionsImport and/or Window Layouts?

Primarily? Languages. With schemes I can start and run Rhino in any language and have several different ones running simultaneously. But now that I think about it, I guess this is impossible in Mac Rhino anyway, as it’s an MDI, one instance with several open documents, not separate instances each with a single document like in Windows, Huge handicap.

This probably only really matters to someone in a country with four national languages and a fifth unofficial one.

Like Windows Rhino, you can have multiple languages loaded up ready to go, but you have to quit and restart the application so the new language takes effect.


Nope, not in Windows Rhino. I often have Rhino running in English, French and German all at the same time, and all without restarting anything. And with different workspaces as well.