Scheme stoppewd working

Hey guys

I have a Scheme (I think that’s the term) that opens up from a shortcut on my taskbar. I colored the icon pink/black so I could tell the diff.
For some reason when I turned my computer on today, my toolbars weren’t set up, and I noticed that instead of the Pink version of my icon holding my open rhino files, each one that is open has the regular white/black icon, and they’re just single ones next to each other on the taskbar. (see pic)


Hi Alan - I don’t know… I assume that you started Rhino from that magic icon, correct? Does it still point at your custom scheme?


I created a new shortcut to a Scheme. Seems to be working, but I still get the additional white icon per Rhino instance open. Not the worst thing in the world, but why would it do that?

And btw, the Target location has a unique name for my Scheme, but I’m correct in assuming that if I were to Shift-right click on the shortcut and choose “open file location” it would just open my regular black and white Rhino.exe file in Rhino 6>System, right?