Schedules combining heights and widths

I created a custom schedule but for some reason it is adding up all the widths of the doors with the same tag value instead of giving me the profile width. See image.
Also, it is filling in the opening side (swing) field strangely.
Has anyone run into this before?

Notice for D12 it says the height is 40’, obviously i don’t have a door that big, its just adding up an 80" door 6 times. Also, it’s not sorting the tags the way I would like, it goes from D1 to D10, I would prefer it to sort sequentially.

This is because of the strange quantity representation: if you have a single door (or a window) the properties are displayed as they should be. With several elements it gets messed up a bit, the table adds all the height values for a single element entry. Looking at your picture it seems to me you have - for example - several D12 as left- and right-sided. So, just add another column to your table, with opening side, then it should be more clear. Then try to sort the table with different settings, adding “swing” as another sorting key.
Cheers, Jaro

Hi @seflorance,
In your Table style, you are grouping openings with the same tag value. If you don’t group the fields of the profile size, their values will be added.
Same happens with the swing value. The two options (“left” and “right”) are represented with values (0 and 1) that are also added if that property field is not grouped. When there is a unique value, it shows up correctly as “left” or “right” though. This is confusing, I know, so we should not summ up that kind of property.