Schedule for implementing parts of RhinoScript/functionality in python

Is there a release schedule for when features like ApplyBoxMapping and AddObjectMesh will be scriptable with python. Is there a way I can script these tools now without using the command() script function?


There is no specific schedule. I add functions when users ask for them and there is enough available in our SDK to be able to do what the user is asking for.

Hi @stevebaer, could you please add a python equivalent for the vbScript methods Rhino.GetEdgeCurves and Rhino.DefaultRenderer ?

thank you,

GetEdgeCurves will be in SR6. Here’s a note on that function

Looking into DefaultRenderer right now

DefaultRenderer will also be in SR6. You can play with it now if you get from

Thanks ! Will just upgrade all files :smile:



I realise that it is quite a while since this thread was active.

I was wondering if I could ask if it is likely we’ll have AddObjectMesh in Rhino soon. If not, would anyone recommend any custom scripts which could do something similar.


Hi James,

The tools needed to write a Python equivalent to RhinoScript’s AddObjectMesh method are not yet available in RhinoCommon. I’ve added this to the to-do pile.

RH-31211 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate