Scene optimization and run out checking model

I am working on configurator that doesn’t have heavy meshes, nor large textures, but it has many parameters Previous scene was working nice and fast, but after adding some details and some small changes in the scene ( I replace texture with new one that has same size as previous, change the list names ) scene start behaving unexpectedly and at the last version checking model run out. I try to optimize scene ( I reduce and remove some meshes, texture size, even restore previous texture etc) but it still not working. (Ref: 91c069a6-a8fe-4180-b601-7c63575bad5f)

I am aware that there is some problem regarding the computation time, but I can’t figure out what is the problem. Is there any way to check what makes problem to the scene and how to optimize it?

I am using grasshopper profiler, most components have 0ms computation time, and few of them are between 0-6ms. I didn’t use large meshes and textures.

Thanks in advance

Could you send me both versions of your grasshopper definition in a private message (the one from the link you posted and the last one that times out)?

Thanks for the response. I’ve just upload again definitions that made me problem and now they works! All of them. And they work relatively fast. Did you reset server or change some settings? Anyway, I will send you definition and I would like to get answer regarding performance optimization, because it is crucial in order to get best from shapediver viewer.

Thanks in advance