Scatter Objects

Hey everyone. In urgent assistance.

I am trying to scatter and randomise these bottles to be filled within this geometry and I cant find a script or video on how to do so. Could anyone please help! Thank you (55.6 KB)
Hi @Jason_Trajkovski
Here’s a rough example of how to approach this with Grasshopper.
It does the collisions with rounded cylinders, then orients the more detailed bottle meshes by their centerlines.
You can replace the geometry with your own, scaled and oriented the same


Thank you for that Daniel. I tried putting my bottles and boxes in but it seems like the bottles are floating around it. Not sure whats happening (786.4 KB)

The referenced bottle geometry needs to be placed at the world 0,0,0 point in this definition
(and oriented and scaled as shown in the image, so the centerline of the capsule surrounding it is a unit length vertical line). You can adjust the length and radius for the resulting geometry with the sliders in the definition.

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Your “bottle” consists of three meshes, all at an arbitrary location far from the origin.:

  1. bottle cap inside bottle
  2. bottle cap on bottle where it belongs
  3. the bottle without the cap, tilted at a cockeyed angle
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Thank you both, I will attempt these now. Appreciate the quick feedback

If your bottle is made up of multiple meshes, you’ll also need to right click and graft the G output of the Scale component

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