Scaling the amplitude of vectors with graph mapper

Hi gurus!

I have tried for a couple of hours to modify some normals into vectors to move points for rebuilding a curve through. The points move nicely along the normals from their points on the surfaces when I multiply the normals or something similarly simple, but I can´t find a way to make the points in the middle move more than the points on the ends of these surface strips. The difference in the transformation should be smooth. It would be cool to adjust the transformation with a graph mapper.

I don´t know if I made myself clear… Let´s say every surface has 10 points. It would be nice to move them something like this:
point 0: 1mm
point 1: 1,5mm
point 2: 2mm
Point 3: 2,3mm
Point 4: 2,4mm
point 5: 2,4mm
point 6: 2,3mm
point 7: 2mm
point 8: 1,5mm
Point 9: 1mm

The values in this example are made up, but this sort of deviation is what I´m after.

Thanks in advance! (16.4 KB)

Hi Jere,
is this what you were looking for? I didn’t have pufferfish installed, so I bypassed it. Hard to say, if I reached anything similar. (19.2 KB)

Hi Toni

Yep, this way of controlling the curves is exactly what I need, but on the midlines of the surfaces (“vertical” lines) :smiley:
I´ll (probably) be able to apply the same logic there.


Edit: It was as easy as swapping wires from the output of Sweep to the Ruled Surface :slight_smile:

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