Scaling/Stretching in one direction with Gumball


Is there a way of stretching an object with Gumball in one direction without having the object scale both directions?

I would like to lengthen objects with Gumball command while locking one edge to eliminate trimming both.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Daryl - scaling always based on the gumball origin, so you’d need to move the gumball to one end of the object- GumbalRelocate



Thanks. Works great!


Pascal, would scale 1D do or work the same in this instance? Thanks ,Mark

(John Brock) #5

Yes, because you would set the base point for scaling at the end of the object where you want it to stay put. The other consideration is to apply your scaling precisely along the axis of the object so you don’t get a skewing effect.
The Help file video snippet demonstrates what you’re describing.


Thanks for the second tip John.—Mark

(Pascal Golay) #7

Sure, but the request was specifically for Gumballing…



So as John said, if gumball isn’t aligned to the object proper , then it could scale skewed?—Mark