Scaling polygon patterns in condition to frequenzy

Hello guys I have a problem with the following project. I want to grow on a surface according to different conditions. The current status is that I randomly mirror polygons on a randomly selected side and these exclude the growth on the surface eye. Now I am at the point where I want to scale the pattern that the polygons have based on the frequency of the exclusion process. I also have branches that taper outwards for display. My question now is how do I make the patterns grow smaller considering the frequency.

As an an example:

Polygon 0 excluded more often, i.e. the largest .
Polygon 1 less excluded, so smaller.
Polygon 2 less excluded again, so slightly smaller again …

Polygon 5 … smaller again and so on.

I hope someone of you has an idea how I can do this
best regards and thanks for the help. (41.0 KB)