Scaling on export to stl is too small

when i export to a stp and open in another software the scaling is correct.
when i export to stl and open in a 3d slicing program it is too small and have scale up 2556.35%
when i export top stp and open in another program and then export to stl, it is correct.
i can’t seem to find a setting to correct this.

Hi David - is this stl, stp or a combination of these? stl does not carry any units in the file, just numbers, so the opening software can do what it wants.



Model in MM generally for export to STL.

not a combination, i started as subd, then converted to nurbs. then exported. this is not the only time. i have exported several stl’s and always the same percent.
my other software, Alpha 5, has a setting to change how it is exported, in or mm, and was looking for a setting like this in Rhino.

Your comments above refer to both file types, I was trying to make sense of that.


that would be very difficult for me to do. can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
i just thought there was a way to control how it exports.

Hi David - if you model consistenly in inches and the target applications assume mm, you can make an export macro to scale the thing by 25.4, export, then Undo. Meshing settings may need to be adjusted to compensate.


ok, openned a new file using small mm., created a test block, exported and imported into the slicing software and it works as you said. then did a stp and it imported correct scale.
so i learned something, thanks.

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Thanks! it’s not a big problem, i think you guys have helped me understand what is going on and why. and i will keep the export macro in mind and see how that works.
thanks again.