Scaling Objects

Problem57.3dm (138.9 KB)

In the attached file I want to scale the red curves to the the upper end stays in place but the other end meets the black curve.

I thought I might be able to do this using Scale -1D, once in each direction. However, with the INTERSECTION snap set, SCALE 1D always puts the intersection point near the curve but on the curve.

How might I accomplish this task?

hey Jim.

the model doesn’t match the description of what you’re trying to do.
there are no red lines in the model and your screenshot isn’t helping (me) much.

(this is the model attached in the top post)

can you reword what you’re trying to do?

that said-- i think in your screenshot, the end of the line(?) isn’t snapping to the intersection because you didn’t click on the endpoint of the line during the Scale selection.

the point that’s grabbing the intersection snap at the cursor is the same point you clicked in Scale1D.

Problem58.3dm (41.1 KB)

Sorry, dragged the wrong one. See this one.

oh… ok… i understand now… ignore my second post above :wink:
i’ll look at your second upload now.

here’s a youtube:

Thanks, my own movie!

My home movies are like Mr. Plinket’s :slightly_smiling:

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