Scaling like steps

Hello everyone,

I am trying to scale few solids progressively but I am unable to achieve it, for some reason there is a gap when I scale. Can someone check and let me know what the problem is? I have attached an sketch to show how it should look.

Thank you in advance (14.9 KB)

Hello again,

Any suggestion will be really helpful.

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Hi again,

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I think your problem is caused because of the input plane, I think using the bounding box component instead of earlier plane, will be effective as shown below:

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Thanks for the reply, but by using bounding box the polysurface is moving and it is difficult to find a way for the new polysurface to come exactly below the old one. So basically when they scale they should come below one another to form steps.

I hope I could convey it properly.


You can do what I mentioned and after that move the scaled object from the “Volume Centroid” Point of the scaled Brep into the centroid of the old one, then the result you are seeking will be made. :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Sorry I used a plugin component, here is the file without that. (17.0 KB)

Avoid the twisted surface by avoiding the two Extend Curve components.

I don’t see any solids (‘Closed Breps’) in this model?

Your objective is not clear to me at all.


Thank you for the suggestion, I tried it but it is not coming exactly one below another.

Hi Joseph,

Okay I will try that. I think I didn’t convey it clearly. So if you see the image below, I want something like this.

where the surfaces go below one another in a stepped manner but because I am using offset on surface component, it is offsetting on all 4 sides leaving gaps like this.

So, I wanted to know how to avoid these gaps and make a stepped surfaces. Hope I could convey it better.

if I have understood correctly, you want the steps to be present on the side of your final breps A’ A" A"’, but you want all the breps A’ A" A"’ to fully reach B with their length

I suggest to use the initial curve that creates surface A’, tweened to a similar curve (that will identify the last A’’’’ brep)
and this curve also has the feature of fully reaching brep B as you like it to do

then apply the very same method for generating the ruled surface to all the curves

to create the steps only on the sides, instead of scaling I would use offset curve on surface by offsetting the long side of each surface inward on itself

Hi, thank you for the reply.

Yes, the steps are correct but they need to join B. I can try that, but I worry how will be the steps be generated as the curve is not a fixed XY, YZ or XZ plane.