Scaling (I think?) Issue: Model Space vs. Paper Space

I have an issue where the dimensions I am finding in a model are different from what I’m dimensioning in paper space. The scale in paper space is set to 1":24" in model space. But, I’m off by an odd dimension.

See attached. I took a dimension in model space and then in paper space.

Hello - yeah the dimension taken ‘on paper’ will show the distance projected to the paper plane, not the 3d distance.


Thank you Pascal. Is there a way to adjust the models such that the projection onto paper will align with the dimensions? Would I need to convert all of the objects to a true axonometric view?

dimension the object, go to your dimension settings and check dimension text horizontal to view. this will show in layouts. alternatively, i think the dimensions should be the same for the y axis when you use two point perspective.