Scaling factor

I’m using Wenatchee 2014-08-27 (523) on OSX 10.8.5 and since (maybe) 4 builds back, all imported models come in at 1:10th the scale. It’s not hard to fix this by scaling, but it’s annoying. Has anyone reported this as a bug? Is there a bug tracker for the OSX version?

Are you sure you’re not modeling in mm and importing into a cm file or vice versa? --Mitch

cm happens to be the default template Rhino is delivered with, you can change the default template in the opening screen by right-clicking the one you desire.


Thanks. Seems to be the case. Apart from that being a solution - isn’t it weird to use CM as default when MM is the more common?

You’re looking at this from a mechanical design perspective. Rhino is also used by architects and other building trades where “default” could be cm, meters, inches or feet and inches depending on where you are in the world.


That makes a lot of sense. Good point and indeed - I think in terms of mechanical design, not buildings.