Scaling at distance from curve

For some reason, my pattern appears to scale at distance from center instead of distance from the closesst point of the green curve:

Anyone know what the issue is?

Is it because when you feed a circle into an input you actually get the circle center sometimes and this is one case where I don’t want that?

Bracing Main Plate Pattern (14.8 KB)

You’re making life difficult by scaling a billion circles in the same place then moving them to points. Rather create circles on the points and scale them according to distance from the curve.

Try and Flatten the input to your Bounds component. It should give you what you are looking for.

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Bracing Main Plate Pattern (18.2 KB)

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Thank you for this! I haven’t learned when to flatten and when not to yet…

(Oh, and just in case anyone stumbles in here in the future, this centers the pattern because I made a mistake in the original graph I posted which made it slightly off…)