Scaling and 'Thickness' doesn't play along

Hi guys, @pascal, @wim If I scale an object, or change the units, then the thickness keeps it’s value. Please fix this.

This also happens if I insert a file with a different unit.

Don’t quite understand what you mean.

Thickness is a renderfeature, but it doesn’t scale with the object. Nor does it change if you go from document unit mm to M.
So if you model something, put on thickness and save, and then import that document into another one that has a different unit then everything is OK but the objects that has thickness activated, there the thickness’ use the new document units with out scaling. As shown in the image a mm file with 50mm thickness ended up as an object in a M document with 50M thickness.

The issue is, thickness value is simply a unit multiplier, not necessarily a unit itself. It is also not related to part size, only file unit size.

so a 1x1x1 cube thickened to 50 mm, scaled to a 10x10x10 cube will still be thickened to 50mm, and not 500mm

so if you make a mm file with a thickness value of 50, that is 50mm because the file is in mm.

if you import that same part into a file that is in meters, then that 50 will be read as 50 meters as you outline above.

simply change the value of 50 to .05 and it will scale as you’d expect.