Scaling a line outside a bunch of generated lines within a box


I’ve followed a tutorial by parametric 3D on how to use the Voronoi tool. I have reached the point where I am satisfied with my shape and want to move to my next step, which is extending/scaling one of the generated lines outside the box, that I used as a base to generate these lines.
I know that I have to do something with list item, end/start point and scale component.
I just don’t know how really and i can’t find this specific tutorial anywhere yet (probably haven’t looked good enough through the pile of tutorials).
I want to specifically select one line and then scale it outside of the box to continue another series on this curve to develop the shape. Can anybody help me with this?

Voronoi (9.6 KB)


A few ideas below…

Voronoi (13.6 KB)

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