Scaley pattern effect on a Loft

I’m Trying to recreate this kind of scaley pattern on a Lofted surface I think i"ve been able to achieve that on 1 square at a time but i just cant to do it in all squares at once can someone help please… and if there is any other way for that pattern effect please tell me.
(the code is in 1 part of the building for simplyfying)
Scales pattern (15.3 KB)


Check this thread


Scales pattern (19.3 KB)

Thank you

Thank you for your help i really appreciate it
can you tell me about the thinking process for it please ?

Simple you should master grasshopper and its lists, data trees. Mainly a lot of practice with the tool.

Maybe using Surface Box and Box Morph is probably more straightforward for you to understand.

Scales pattern (18.6 KB)