I see that this is a new command. Could somebody provide a quick explanation of what it does? A quick test did not what I expected it to do but that is just based on the name…

Hi Wim - it is really for multiple objects - it scales the arrangement of the objects but not the objects themselves.


…beat me to it…

And another set of scripts bites the dust… (always good, actually) --Mitch

I kinda figured that but I had only one row of boxes - let’s say your 3 rectangles on the x-axis. When I then run the command and snap to the left bottom corner of the left-most rectangle for the first point and then the right bottom corner of that same rectangle, I had expected them to be constrained to the x-axis direction. I guess that the height of the rectangle influences the +y offset of it all… (?)

Yeah… I believe this all acts on the bounding box centers of the objects, so it is not always quite as expected - use the Mode option to change to 1d scaling in your example, I think.


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