Scaled toolbar doesn't fit icons nicely

I like to keep my viewport as big as possible, so I have the command line set to pop up and use osnaps in the palette, and I’d like to have my toolbar just be two columns on the left, as it fits the default icons nicely.

When I set it up to that, it all fits, but when a new window is opened, the toolbar seems to think it’s wider than it is and the icons are in a scrollable bunch several columns wide and don’t return to the correct layout unless I resize the toolbar again. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the case a few versions ago.

See video below…

I’m pretty sure these settings are stored in the Rhino PLIST.
For some reason, the PLIST seems to be pretty delicate and prone to accumulating errors.
IF it were me, I’d reset the PLIST, get everything what way you want it, Quit Rhino (Cmd+Q), and restart.
See if they are better behaved after that.

Any luck?