Scaled copy of layout preserving viewport appearance

I’ve created a multiple viewport layout that needs a large CAD plotter to print. I need this for presentation, but would also like to send a customer a PDF of the layout that will print on his desktop letter size printer. Is there a way to quickly create a copy of the layout and rescale to letter size and have the viewports also rescale to the new smaller page size so the appearance is the same as the large layout?

Hi Abraham - the same layout can be printed smaller by setting the Print controls -

Does that do what you need?


If the PDF created for the Plotter is opened in Acrobat reader then it can be easily printed to any size eg. A4 or A3 printer using the [Fit] OR [Shrink Oversized Pages] option in Adobe Acrobat Reader Print settings.
The Acrobat Reader Print dialog also gives you a visual preview of your print on the selected printer/paper size.
You can also scale the print by a specific amount in the Acrobat Reader print options before printing.
ie. If your original Plotter PDF is 1:1 then this scaling option will be in proportion.
Edit: Also if you don’t want to redo the layout in Rhino, or leave it to the client to rescale you can even Print the 1:1 Plotter PDF from Acrobat Reader using your installed PDF printer driver as output at a specific scale in the Acrobat Reader Printer settings and create a scaled Letter size PDF version that way too.
I would normally prefer doing any scaled PDFs directly from Rhino, but the above is another way. Michael VS

It can be done in many pdf viewers, not just Acrobat reader. I see a lot of this - especially from people using Photoshop. They talk like things can be done only in Photoshop. :relieved:

Thanks all! I missed some simple controls in the Rhino print dialogue-got it now.